Mobile Goals and SG9

If I am carrying a mobile goal with cones stacked on it to a scoring zone, can I also have a cone in my intake?

Basically, does a mobile goal with cones stacked on it count as “Possessing a Cone”

As far as everyone else here on the forum has interpreted the rules, you can be holding a mobile goal and also have a different cone in your intake. Remember though, this is not official and is only our interpretation. We are waiting for the Official In the Zone Q&A to be opened so we can clarify.

Stacked cones do not count towards your possession and the rules say nothing about a mobile goal limit.

Thanks, Yeah just waiting for the q&a to go up.

There are far too many pieces on the field to not have it this way. Stacked ont he goal and carrying it around seems like is how they meant to have the game played.