Mobile goals inside of a robot - are the considered scored at the end of the match?

If a robot is carrying a mobile (i.e. the mobile goal is not touching the ground), but the robot is inside of its alliance zone, does the mobile goal count as scored? (i.e. 20 point for mobile goal in the alliance zone)

Same for the platform - if a robot is carrying a mobile goal and successfully parks and balances on the platform - does the mobile goal count as balanced even if the mobile goal itself is not touching the platform? (i.e. 30 points for parked robot + 40 points for balanced mobile goal)

Does it matter if it is the alliance goal or the neutral goals?

The alliance home zone is specified as a 2d space meaning that goals inside your robot aren’t scored.

The balanced platform definition states that contact is transitive meaning goals don’t have to be touching it to score 40 points.



A goal could be both “inside” a robot and contacting the foam tile of the Alliance Zone.

Weirdly, the Platform itself (and not just the Platform’s drivable surface, but the entire structure) also appears to meet the definition of the 2D surface of the Alliance Zone, meaning a goal contained within the robot that touches any part of the Platform, would appear to meet the definition of Scored.


The case I was concerned about is when the mobile goal is not touching the foam tile, but reading the game manual is does say that the base of the mobile goal must be touching the tile for it to be considered as score in the alliance zone (20 points).

But for the platform, it is scored as long as the platform is balance - even if the mobile goal is not touching the platform itself.


Q&A - Mobile Goals not touching tiles do not score?

Answered by committee
This definition seems to suggest that only Mobile Goals touching a gray foam tile (or the Alliance Platform) count as scored.
This interpretation is correct.


Clearly the Q&A takes precedent. However, based on:


The Platforms are considered part of their respective Alliance Home Zone



Which seems to indicate the lexan part (seemingly including edges). I had previously thought that the definition of “Platform” also included the support structure, but I was wrong about that interpretation.

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If there are a couple mobile goals in the ramp and one of the mobile goals are touching the wall does it count

You can find that answer in the game manual. Please also do not revive old threads.


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