Mobile Robot 6 Wheel Drive Base

So here is the video of the robot base I have been working on. I will have a blog post about it next week, but I thought y’all would like a preview. Let me know what you think! Just demoing a quick drive program I wrote in RobotC. I will be adding an arm to the base in the next week or so (actually the construction is almost done, then comes the IK). I will share that when I am done.

This base is way cool. Do you have this build in Assembler?

No I dont… :frowning: (Assembler kept crashing on me) I can take some detailed photos and post them if you like.


I didn’t have much luck with Assembler either. I’d love to see some detailed photos of your bot!

= Xander

I second Xander’s opinion, please do!! Did you use the sensor kit plus the chain drive kit?

So I cant seem to post pictures to the forum, but I uploaded them and I have links. Check out below. I took the IQ brain off the bot (and one of the motors) as I am using it for another project. You might be able to see a sneak peek of what is taking shape in the background. :wink:

What size sprockets did you use for the chain drive? BTW, thanks for the detailed pics. Are you going to have enough motors to be able to put your arm on the base? At least that is what I think you’re building now. :wink:

Who said anything about an arm? :wink: Actually I cant put the arm on the base. (although that was the original plan) It is too big and heavy for it. When it is done, I will post a video, but some quick specs: about a meter long and can lift my cell phone. It is a full 6 degrees of freedom.

I use medium sized sprockets for the chain. All of them are the same diameter.

That is quite impressive on the “ahem” not arm… ;). Thanks for the quick reply. I am counting the days until I can get the competition add on kit and other things on my wishlist. Looking forward to the vid and pics of the new project. Seeing as I live close to the Gulf, I am also interested in ROV’s for underwater. It is really fascinating and some of the plans look cool.