Mobo Claw

Hi! I was wondering what the best way to grip a Mobo was for this game. I have a basic 2 bar lift, and it needs to be pretty small. I do not have pneumatics, but I was thinking about getting some. We want something kind of like the grabber in this video: 2145Z Vex Tipping Point Reveal - YouTube. Beware, As it has language in the music. The Claw on that uses pneumatics, but Maybe we could make something like it. Any ideas? Edit: Otherwise, Is this Pneumatic, or does this make use of motors? I can not tell. Vex tipping point 283 pt. driver skills -38141B - YouTube

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The second one is pneumatic, they confirmed in the comments, I think it is very realistic to make a clamp like the second one using only motors, I doubt the effectiveness of the first one with motors only though.

Another idea could be doing a lift like many teams did in itz, lifting the goal into the center of the robot (this is really only effective if you score rings on it though.)

Thank you for the feedback. For our bot, our lift is on the back side, so what you were talking about at the end is not useful, but Now, I have my builder on the job.