Mobo lift

Hi! I was wondering if there were any good designs for a bar lift for mobos or something like that. I have seen many different designs that pick up a mobo and put it on the bot, but i have seen few to no lifts that pick up the mobo. I want to be able to pick up a mobo right side up, or if it is on its side, because many teams push the mobo over the second they can. I have not seen any lifts that have the strength to pick up a mobo goal. I would want it to be able to put it on the seesaw. Thank you for reading, and for the help!

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This is what i was talking about. Some versions go under, and some versions go over,like what i was talking about when i said a design that puts the mobo on it. This works well, but i am looking for one that puts it on the bot. Thanks!

This is a perfect example, and i make use this as inspiration for my new build.

nice mobo lift
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check out 169Y at the benton tournament. It’s not a typical lift like a fork, but it’s super effective


I was in that tournament. I agree

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