modded rd4b in turning point?

okay, so this year I was a-thinkin bout’ my robot and I decided to put a compact rd4b on my robot. I was wondering if this would be practical. If you saw that robot at worlds with a crazy small rd4b that’s kinda the size I’m going for.


Please don’t call it a danny lift, it’s an rd4b.

oh, sorry

I want it to look like this:

may i ask in what way this is modded?

rd4b lifts are an option that could definitely work out this season if they aren’t completely huge, but in my opinion their complexity vs building an elevator lift or building some non-linear lift like a six bar makes it a little questionable

Instead of extending so that the bars are at an angle the lift ends up completely vertical, making it more spatially effective. I also think that this four bar would be preferable to an elevator because of the chain and time required to make an elevator. Also, I like my robot to be unique, unique robots tend to attract more attention during alliance picking (assuming said robot isn’t a haphazard mess of cables and bendable metal that looks like a piece of the twin towers). I did look into a six-bar and that’s my plan. It would just be better to have something linear.

Uh, how do you plan to make the lift go completely vertical? Try drawing what you mean and seeing if your arms might hit bracing or axles before it gets fully vertical.

You have plenty of time to build right now. I also wouldn’t discard an idea because it uses chain… (e.g. chainbars worked well, chained drives can be great)

The bars are offset in a way that lets it go vertical. I can’t take credit for the CAD image. Here’s the files:

People will pick you because your robot is good, not just because it is unique.

i think he was implying good AND unique, but it is true that the only thing that teams that choose alliances care about is results (almost all the time)

Just make a miniature itz lift and ur good.

Here’s a small and compact lift
Credit: TVA Connor

Ya’ll have a good point, maybe I should use an elevator or six bar.

If you have to choose between them, go with the elevator simply due to linearity. And if you have enough space, a small and slim double reverse will be miles better than other options in my opinion.

@Dromeda But if you have an elevator, it’s probably slower than a DR4B right? Something like THIS could work?