Model the hero bot launch mechanism in fusion 360

Anyone know how to model the top limiter and the stand of extender on the fling launch mechanism on fusion 360, so you can simulate the movement accurately?

Depending on how far you’re intending to take the simulation, the simplest and least computationally intensive option could be to set joint limits on the axis of rotation of the arm. Either eyeball it or do some trigonometry :). Joint limits | Search | Autodesk Knowledge Network If you want to simluate the forces and dynamics, you might look at Inventor and watch a couple of tutorials that come with it. IIRC it has a catapult tutorial.
EDIT You should be able to create a sketch in Fusion 360 from projections of parts that will allow you to create exact joint limits. And look at contact sets in Fusion if you want to do something like a bending simulation and include a realilstic elastic band effect.

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