Modeling Programs

What programs are you guys using to design your bots?

Are there any that works with RobotC?

Any recommendations?

Autodesk Inventor 2018

(Really I use MS Paint)

Autodesk inventor is what I use. I think the virtual worlds software works with RobotC @Korbin . I think it allows you to make a robot and test code on it, all online though I’ve never used it or seen it. Also I use google docs “insert drawing” to make idea prototypes to show my team on our shared google doc.

Ah yes… I’ve heard only real pros use MS Paint.

Personally, I prefer to use the spray paint option for fine detail precision!

Naw man. I use the circle tool. I place each one 1 pixel away from each other so the entire part is a solid color. If only they would add a tool that could that with just one click.

Something that I like to try whenever I’m having problems is hovering my pointer over the red ‘x’ button and clicking. It quickly fixes all my problems.

That is unless it decides to freeze again.