Can you drill a hole in a rubber tank tread.

Please review the game manual ( especially rule R22 which allows you to modify most non-electrical parts.


Wait rubber? To my knowledge, vex doesn’t sell rubber tank treads.
They also have treads with precut holes in them.

I think we are all thinking that @eagle is talking about the Upgrade kit that has the rubber parts. (If you look at the materials tab, it says “rubber”. )

But the key question you should be asking is “What cunning design does @eagle have that requires holes in the tank treads”. :wink:


Ooooh, ok yeah now I’m also wondering what hes doing with those holes in those treads.

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@eagle, why is it that you’re drilling a hole in a rubber tank tread? Is it for some sort of string to pass through? Are you even doing competition?

I think they have focused on the “you touch it, you own it” strategy. So they need uber flaps, they will drill holes in the flaps to create super flaps. These extended length flaps will allow gripping of the cube from off kilter directions. Plus now that the outer flap is reversed, there is a hard ridge to help keep the flap rigid at the cube face.

Or not

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I’m starting to think of doing that. Perhaps we should make a new thread to discuss this?