Modifying Motors

HI, I was wondering what are the benefits of modifying a motor. If we are modifying it, is there a limit to how many motors we can modify?

If you mean changing internal gearing, there is no limit and the benefit is just a change of gear ratio. Other than that, I cant think of any legal motor modifications.

You can legally change the gears behind the removable black plate, and also make repairs that are functionally identical to the original. That’s it.

At worlds last year, in the middle school division when it was announced that they were coming through to do an unannounced PTC motor check it was a mere inconvenience for some teams. It caused pandeminium and a flurry of activity for other teams. I know this is not evidence of motor tampering but was quite telling to me.

@Gear Geeks lol, that sounds hilarious, wouldnt that be super suspicious though?

As you may have noticed we’ve deleted some posts in this thread. We’re pretty easy going about these forums, but we will not tolerate the type of racism and xenophobia that was exhibited by one of the posters in this thread. Let’s judge people by how they conduct themselves, not by where in the world they’re from.

Thanks to those who spoke up against the ignorance (or ill-fated attempt at humour) that was displayed here.

When people started just spontaneously running, I thought there was a medical emergency or something and got alarmed at first. Then I learned there was a random PTC test announced.

@Gear Geeks lol thats hilarious