Modifying V5 Controller HUD

I have seen some examples of people programming images or GIFs onto the screens of V5 brains, and I want to know if it is possible to modify the controllers screen to show text, images, etc.

You can send text to the controller. Our teams have used this feature to confirm autonomous setting by the driver, while other drive team member was configuring the brain. Teams get information from the brain during driver control, such as motor temperature.

Graphics is not possible on V5 Joystick Controller.

You can certainly show text on the controllers connected to V5, but I am not graphics.
What programming language are you using? In VEXcode V5 blocks, assuming you have a controller configured in the Devices screen you can use the print commands and just change the dropdown from Brain to Controller1. You’ll notice you can’t use the graphics commands here.

In VEXcode V5 Text, you could test it with something like this to show printing to both Brain and Controller screens:


  Brain.Screen.print("Brain Line 1");
  Controller1.Screen.print("Controller Line 1");
  wait(1, seconds);

  Brain.Screen.print("Brain Line 2");
  Controller1.Screen.print("Controller Line 2");
  wait(1, seconds);
  Brain.Screen.print("Brain Line 3");
  Controller1.Screen.print("Controller Line 3");
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Well, maybe you could make like a picture out of computer symbols. I don’t know if this is viable but maybe something like this:

–|-----> A sword is literally all i could in 30 seconds but you get the idea

You could try using this

It takes an image and makes it using small small text charicters. I have never tried using the controller screen and I’m not sure how small the text can go, so this may or may not work

I’m not sure if you can change font size but the default is quite big. Only 3 lines of text on the controller display.

Not going to lie, this thing is really cool