Modkit auton support before the end of 2018?

I have seen multiple threads about how people are using Modkit to run competition programs, and how the options don’t exist. I have been wondering if I’m either missing something with Modkit on the competition side or it’s just not there. From one of the threads, I see that there is an option for one person that says something along the lines of “Competition.START_AUTON” or something like that… I don’t have that option. Is there a beta version of VEX CS that has these options? Would there be a possibility of having an update that supports that before the end of the year?
Thanks all!

Just switch to RobotMesh Studio Blockly if you don’t want to deal with the hassles and missing features of Modkit. As far as I know, RMS Blockly has a proper competition template already.

and this will work with EDR-type (v5 I mean)?

Yes. You can see here (same link in my signature) for a complete list of your options.

It’s true, Robot Mesh Studio does. Thanks for the mention. Check out this example project on our website.

Middle School coach trying to make sure our program will run when we are at our competition. Students used Modkit but having major difficulty converting to competition format (trying to learn C++) on the fly with minimal time. I’m hopeful that robot mesh studio seems like an alternative. Can I plug in and run program from robot mesh just like VEX coding studio? Learned and taught with V4 (Natural Language) trying to shift teams to new platform and still be competition ready is proving difficult. Any help or advice greatly appreciated.

Downloading from RMS to the V5 brain will work just like VEX Coding Studio. They’ll both result in a program being available to select on the brain.

This weekend had to tell a team to use RobotMeshStudio Blockly because VCS Modkit doesn’t have competition control enabled yet.

Great! Thank you. Much appreciated.

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