Modkit Code Color Sensor Back Lighting

I noticed that some of the color sensors have an LED light that can be switched on to compensate for the ambient lighting. I haven’t been able to find a code in ModKit to turn the lighting on. I was wondering if this was because the LED lighting on the color sensor was prom an older version of the color sensor. The one that we are looking at has 3 circular lenses on the front about 3mm in diameter. We wanted to use this for line tracking but we really need a light source from the sensor to negate the ambient lighting. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi ipanavigator,

The three lenses are for a White LED, the Color Sensor, and an IR LED.

The White LED is only used in Greyscale mode (in both ROBOTC and Modkit for VEX). You can switch to Grayscale mode in Modkit by clicking on the option (Gear) icon on the Robot components screen to switch between Greyscale, 3-Color, and 12-Color mode. When this mode is set to Greyscale, the White LED will be on for the entire duration of the program.

The IR LED is used in Color Sensing mode for the object proximity sensing.


  • Art

Awesome!! That is what I was looking for. Thanks Art.