Modkit Curriculum Coming?

Since it has become evident that Modkit will be the IQ platforms primary programming software (current stand alone software - later VCS when IQ is integrated) used for district grant/teacher training, will there be a Modkit curriculum (not necessarily a free one (Intelitek) - but it would be nice)developed that encompasses what the previous “introduction to programming VEX IQ” curriculum covered; as well as, have lessons dedicated to RVW when it becomes active inside VCS? I understand none of those are your products, and that the later two are Robomatter products, and that Modkit is its own, but if we are going to have it pushed down our throats (I’m a ROBOTC fan for drag & drop), and to have it be the primarily supported software for new teachers going forward, There needs to be an updated, and better, curriculum for Modkit that can be used in the classroom. The “Workbook for the busy teacher” just doesn’t really deliver on that. And, even though the STEM Labs try to do it, they aren’t curtailed for elementary learners, nor are they formatted for the IQ brain; and, I feel that it needs to be more comprehensive in what it covers. I feel its “units” are more or less projects that don’t really contain comprehensive lessons that cover multiple elements of any one topic, or enough topics. This is what I thought separated VEX Robotics from other robotics platforms, in that it had a multiple comprehensive curriculums, and a learning management system ( that was ready to be put in the classroom. And, if it is your intent on creating one, will it be ready for next school year? And, just as importantly, will you have your VCS software running on iPads by then as well?

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