ModKit: Don't name your motor directions "CW" and "CCW"

Just a bit of advice for people using ModKit:

“Unknown error” when downloading the program apparently can mean a syntax/logic/compilation problem in your program.

While debugging an issue where the motors run backwards I tried using “Component Settings” on the motors to name the direction CW as “CW” (instead of “FWD”). It turns out this will cause “Unknown error” whenever you try to download the program. Naming the direction “clckwse” works.

Hopefully this will save someone some pain. I’ve sent mail to as well.

I suspect “CW” is a reserved word in whatever internal language ModKit uses to compile the program. Does anyone know if there’s a way to see the actual error message when ModKit says “unknown error”?


Good Tip. Thanks for helping to find and identify this bug.
Modkit is working on making a list of names which cause internal conflicts, and automatically protecting these. This problem should disappear in the future.