Modkit Drivetrain Struggle

New here and new to Vex. I’ve been doing embedded controls a long time but scratching my head stepping back to this block code. Trying to work with my kids.

Anyway, Trying to setup the joysticks to drive the thing. I know you can do that easily. But I’m trying to set it up so that there is speed control “turbo” mode and slow mode. I got the variable for turbo working, but the way I have the code for the drivetrain laid out doesn’t work. It cannot accept a turn and forward or reverse command at the same time. It can only turn when stopped and it can only move forward when not turning. Does this make sense?

I’m sure there are some amateur errors in there.

Well I was WAAAAAY over complicating this.

Just needed to add some simple commands to the controller then delete the drivetrain and add left and right motors… Man I feel dumb



Yeah. I learned you can skip the whole’ reverse thing’. The negative joystick values for velocity take care of motor reversing.