Modkit Files

I can’t find my Modkit for Vex IQ files. They are on a path that I can’t search for. It is the default path line. Search doesn’t work.

If this is in VCS, I’m sure somebody can help you. But, as far as I know, the syntax is different between IQ and EDR. You may (keyword: may) get better help in the IQ forum.

I’m still waiting to be approved to post there on the IQ forum.

I’ve never been in IQ, so I can’t really help. But your description doesn’t sound gery detailed. Can you change the file type you’re searching for? (Ie. not a “.vex”)

I am searching for the file type and nothing comes up, but I didn’t delete anything.

Desktop ModKit for VEX IQ saves files with a .mk4v extension.