Modkit for Vex IQ - Sensing blocks gone!

Have the sensing blocks disappeared off the Blocks section of the IDE? I thought they used to be right next to the Output tab at the top?

It makes programming with any sensors useless. I’ve uninstalled, re-installed and now repaired the software and nothing.

I can use the software fine on a student machine at school. I have full administrative privileges on my teacher laptop :frowning:


Is this the online or offline version?

Hi Chris,

It appears you are using the online version and the editor is not drawing properly. Sometimes certain images fail to load due to networking or caching issues but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Here are some things you can try:

  1. use Chrome if you are not already (most drawing problems occur because of differences in browsers and Chrome is the primary supported browser)

  2. scroll down - while the buttons didn’t draw they are only shortcuts to get you to the given block sections. But you can also scroll down with a mouse wheel or trackpad or even by dragging the little scroll bar to the right (assuming that is visible)

  3. stretch the “block drawer”. There also should be a little icon all the way to the bottom right of the blocks that looks like three vertical lines. If you click and drag it to the right it should stretch the “block drawer” which may cause the drawer to redraw the missing buttons.

Let us know if this helps and which browser you are using so we can look into the issue.