Modkit for VEX now available!

Modkit for VEX - Free online version available now!

Modkit for VEX is a graphical programming environment developed specifically for VEX IQ. Based off of MIT’s Scratch interface, Modkit for VEX is built around snap-together blocks which make programming truly accessible and fun for all ages and skill levels.

Designed to simplify mechanism control into a format intuitive for students, Modkit for VEX features the ability to virtually configure your robot inside the software. When you specify what sensors are attached and parameters like drive base dimensions or wheel types, Modkit for VEX will create custom blocks for your robot (like “Turn 90° Left”) and take care of the complex calculations (like gyro input) behind the scenes.

Try it out online now -

It only works with Chrome witch is good for Mac users but bad for PC.

Modkit for VEX is officially supported in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox on both Mac and PC. Where are you experiencing difficulty?

I tried to run it and got a Chrome only note, I only use IE10 and will be using RobotC anyway.

I have Modkit for VEX up and running, but is there any plan to make a version that’s not web based? Most of the schools that host events do not allow “random” computers to connect to their network. this is a problem if students need to make adjustments to their programming…

The folks at Modkit are hard at work on a version for those who don’t have internet connections at all times. We know this will be important for many schools, and competition teams who want to program at events.


I am using Firefox 24. Software is still kind of buggy - can’t save as, programs don’t reload well. I seem to have the brain in a mode where it won’t get programmed - not sure if i need to reload firmware, restart modkit link, or browser.

I’m not sure if I’m posting this in the correct spot, I wanted this info to get to the modkit guys…
When I open a saved program on my Google account the all my work is missing. Blank Screen with the block and robot screen, I have tried to open with 2 different computers and no luck…

Modkit bugs should be reported to
My experience with Modkit Micro is that the standalone version is not as buggy as the web based version, so hopefully the standalone version of Modkit for Vex will be stable.

When is the next version of Modkit coming out? I am having issues with getting the parts to line up to click together, and I’m hoping it’s fixed in a November release.

Foster – there should be a new release out this week or early next. Can you send your bug into the folks at Modkit so they can know what you’re seeing?

Just started using Modkit web version, can anyone signpost me to some tutorials on how it works, doesn’t appear to be much on the Modkit site yet. I found a Youtube video showing some basics which helped a bit but commentary was in Spanish which is not my strong point!

Just found this post with links to videos on basic use of Modkit any more infor welcomed though.

Hi ajm,
I know the folks at Modkit are hard at work on documentation and tutorials to help users get started, and also tips to help advanced users unlock their full potential. In addition, the VEX Robotics Education group is creating some basic introductory stuff for both Modkit and ROBOTC.

These aren’t out yet, but are coming soon.
You can check out the VEX Robotics YouTube channel here:
Also, the VEX IQ Curriculum is available here:

The user created videos you linked to are also a great resource. (We here at VEX are big fans of Bart, their creator).

Sorry I don’t have more information for you right now, but we appreciate the need for this sort of stuff and are hard at work trying to get it out.