Modkit for VEX or VEX Code Blocks

Hi all,

I have been using Modkit for VEX for a couple of years and I just recently saw VEXCode Blocks. What’s the official word? Is Modkit going away and I should adopt VEXCode Blocks?

We haven’t started programming this season yet, so I want to figure out which way I should go.

Also, anyone who has made the switch? Any advice and gotchas?


@tfriez had a great answer to a similar question:


Thanks for the info. My tech department is planning for an OS upgrade in my computer lab and I’m trying to get all the details that they need for software downloads for computer imaging.

Previously, we had to have the VEX OS, ModKit for VEX, and ModKit Link to use with the VEX IQ robots. The only things I can find for download on the site now is the VEX OS and VEXcode. Is there a new software that is needed that is similar to ModKit Link or is it combined with the VEXcode? Thanks!

VEXcode IQ Blocks is one single package for everything (Programming & Downloading), it’s one reason that I really liked migrating from ModKit to VEXcode IQ Blocks.

Other reasons include native Chromebook compatibility, updated Scratch interface, consistency between programming IQ & v5 (allowing for better transitions), it’s used in the VEX IQ STEM Labs, etc


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