Modkit giving error code on multiple computers in class lab

I am receiving an error message for several of my students’ robots using different computers in my class. They are all receiving the message below. It isn’t just one particular code, robot, and/or computer…Any ideas? TIA!!


It’s probably wise to switch your class over to VEXcode IQ Blocks which will serve you better in the long term.

In the short term, can up upload one of the suspectMK4V files and I’ll see if it compiles and downloads here.

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To diagnose the problematic code, do the following:

Save program to a new file name.

Delete a few of the blocks of code and attempt to download it onto a brain.

Repeat until the code downloads.

That will show you where the bad code is (in the last few blocks you just deleted).

This is usually a typo (like a , instead of . or a letter O instead of a zero 0)