MODKIT lag time

We have been using Modkit to program our robot. We have encountered a problem with lag time. When the robot runs on programmed mode it has unpredictable lag times. The robot stops for few seconds and then moves again. Sometimes if you touch the robot the program runs again. The lag or stopping is not always at the same place every time.Has anyone else enocuntered this and how did you solve this issue? Thanks

That sounds more like a maniacal problem.

Some robots develop quite a character :smiley:

I agree with whitepass though. Sounds like a mechanical issue. Have you checked all the gears move smoothly and nothing gets stuck occasionally. Try placing the robot upside down so you can observe the drivetrain. Does the problem occur in that position? Maybe a gear is misaligned.
If you have access to more than one robot, check if both present the same problem - it might still be a mechanical issue on both though.

It might be worth posting your program up so we can have a look. Perhaps a motor is not completing it’s function completely and what you are seeing is a result of the motor timeout?

The robot drives well with controller and there does not seem to be an issue there. But I will check all the motors on the drive train.

A really dumb question. How do I post the program on the forum?

Make screenshots? I’m not sure there’s another way to do it.