Modkit - Move Program

In Modkit, is there a way to move a program from one account to another?

I see a program can be downloaded to the PC, but browsing to “This PC” seems to be disabled. Is there any way to “upload” a program from the PC into Modkit?


Hi Steve,

Thanks for posting your question. Moving a program from one user account is not currently possible. We’re working on releasing a trial version of the Modkit for VEX Desktop solution which is what the “This PC” tab is there for. We’ll post more about this when it is available to try but in the short term the two environments (Desktop and Online) will be somewhat isolated. As you can probably allude by the layout of the browse menu, we have future plans to integrate them.


So, there’s no way to upload a program into modkit? What can be done with a program after you “Save to Desktop”?

We have a student that wrote a program at home, but we can’t figure out how to load it on the robot at school. Are you really saying it’s not possible?


I know it’s been over a year since this thread was started, but I have the same question. How can I take a program that was “saved to desktop” and open it in the Modkit editor?

If you saved the program to your desktop, then you should be able to get to it from the same computer in two ways. 1. When you browse to open a project in Modkit it should appear in the list. If you changed your default directory, then it will no longer appear there. 2. It also resides as a file on your computer in whatever directory you saved it in, and it will have a *.mk4v file extension. If you locate the program in your file system, just double click on it and it will load into Modkit.