modkit 'moves' by itself

I evaluated a modkit code for someone. I went to pick apart a rather long code block… tried to break it in half for troubleshooting.

No sooner had I pulled half the block apart and dropped it, I noticed it literally moved back into place by itself. I actually saw it float back across the screen into place!


Modkit really can’t handle big blocks of code. I suspect I am checking the same program as you are for a forum member. I move a whole bunch of blocks together and I can’t move them back now, Modkit just won’t let me drag them anymore.

Ha, just experience what you saw. Bet you were trying to move that while loop!

Drop another anything block (i usually use broadcast) in an empty spot then drop the other big block of code on it. I find you can move and break apart big blocks as long as they attach to something else.

My son uses the web version usually and we have found it also has a “bottom” meaning if you make the code to long without a break there is a point where the browser app will crash.