Modkit on iPad question

I’m trying to help out a group that is using the iPad version of Modkit.

We used the controller features on the drive base (that little controller button )to make it drive the drive base (two wheel drive) using the joysticks. And that part works.

They want to use the RGB light to show which direction the arm is moving.

Create LED blocks that listen for messages (ARMUP, ARMDOWN) and change the LED color. ARMSTOP turns it off

Create a block in the motor that checks the RButton direction (up or down) and moves the motor in that direction and broadcasts

when start
while controller button RUP down
    spin forward
    broadcast armup
while controller button RDOWN down
    spin reverse
    broadcast armdown
broadcast armstop

This generates a code error


  1. how do we find and look at what the error is?
  2. If they use the controller option on the drive base, does that stop them from using the controller for other things.
  3. Are we approached this the wrong way, if so, what are we doing wrong? (I’m a robotC person, so this is uncharted area for me)


Unless the app ever got updated, the controller part doesn’t work, it only works for autonomous.
Including the controller just throws up a compiler error.