Modkit question

The VexIQ web site indicates that Modkit will be free. Will this be a “full” version of the programming software? I downloaded Modkit for Arduino and the full version, with variables and the ability to save programs, is only available in the “Alpha Club” ($50). If Modkit will have to be purchased, will site licenses be available for educational organizations?

We’re excited to have the folks at MODKIT developing software for use with the VEX IQ Robot Brain. They haven’t announced full details of their pricing model, but have committed to providing a free software option to VEX IQ users. Beyond that – we don’t have a lot of details to provide you.

Stay tuned, as more details are finalized they’ll be announced.

Hi elboco,

Great news - both ROBOTC 4.0 (preview version) and Modkit for VEX (free, web-based version) are now available.

Find out more about both programming options at