Modkit User Guide Now Available!

The Modkit User Guide is now live! Be sure to check out this guide for all sorts of information, tips, and tricks using Modkit.

The online version can be found on the Modkit product page, or through this direct link:

For offline use, you can find the guide packaged with the Modkit Download ZIP file in the “Software Downloads” section of your account on the VEX Robotics website. Just be sure to extract all files before using!

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I can’t seem to extract the files for the Offline User Guide. Keep getting errors that the file path is too long and/or the specified (file) path cannot be found (see attached screen shots).
I downloaded the Modkit Download ZIP twice, thinking that perhaps the fist download may have resulted in a corrupted archive causing this problem, but the files for the Offline User Guide still
won’t extract. Is there another, separate download link available somewhere for the Offline User Guide?

UPDATE: Solved the problem! I had previously downloaded the MODKIT zip file to a USB stick, then transferred it from there to the computer which seemed to have indeed caused a corruption in the archive and several “cannot find the specified path” errors. After downloading the zip file directly to the computer, I created a new folder, named simply “VEX” in C:\ which also solved the “file path too long” errors and all files extracted successfully! :slight_smile: