Modkit vs Blocky

My 8 year old son and I are starting to get into VEX IQ. He has some limited scratch programming exposure (via hour of, I have limited programming experience. Can anyone that’s used both Modkit and Blocky comment on pro’s and con’s of the two languages? Learning curve, documentation, ease of use, etc…


Modkit is much easier to get started with and is what I would recommend for an 8 year old. Here is another discussion about programming languages:

Thanks jrp62! I’d read that thread and dorked around on the RobotMesh page looking at Blocky. I like that Blocky ties into Python so it’s a gateway drug… so to speak. However, I cannot find any tutorials or curriculum for Blocky, and it’s not obvious,for me at least, how to program in Blocky. So I think that until RobotMesh gets their curriculum up and we need the extra functionality I guess we will be programming with Modkit.