modkit vs robotc firmware

So far, we’ve been using modkit.

However, the ‘self balancing’ robot was built and we want to copy/paste the robotc code from

I’m not clear, but it looks like we need to reflash the brain with a different firmware in order to use robotc programming?

Is this correct?

If so, how do we reflash back to modkit?

Or can one firmware run both?

To use ROBOTC, you need to install the ROBOTC firmware from within the ROBOTC environment. It’s a button at the top of the screen and takes a couple of seconds.
To flash back to Modkit, just download a program from Modkit and the ROBOTC firmware will be overwritten. You can’t have both on the Brain at the same time.

But does this ‘break’ modkit? Can I use both on the brain at the same time?

Next time you download a Modkit program, all will be well. But downloading ROBOTC firmware will overwrite any Modkit programs on the Brain.

You can only use one or the other at any one time since they will overwrite each other.

thanks. exactly what i needed.

for what it’s worth, we made a halfway decent balance robot using modkit. sensor drift eventually kills it.

Sorry. thanks for the reply. I overlooked the second part of it!

I suspect its less about sensor drift and more that Modkit occasionally returns really odd sensor values or skips instructions. Remember, the sensor firmware remains the same regardless of language.

I’m new to robotc. Do you have a line of code so it will display the gyro reading to the screen?

You could do something like:

displayTextLine(1, “Gyro = %d”, getGyroDegrees(gyro));

This would allow some free text and the value would be displayed in place of the %d.

The number 1 inside the bracket can be either 0,1,2,3 or 4 depending on which line of the display you want to put the text on. getGyroDegrees could also be getGyroHeading depending on which gyro function you are using.