Modular robot inspection?

So I’m considering making my robot modular for next year, but I am unsure as to the inspection rules. I realize that under R2a,

Significant changes to a Robot, such as a partial or full swap of Subsystem 3, must be re-inspected before the Robot may compete again.

Could you inspect each subsystem before the competition begins as opposed to between matches?

From what I can tell, the robot must be reinspected after the new subsystem is mounted.

Thank you for moving the thread @Barin.

So I couldn’t do it all before the competition starts? Nobody in Kentucky stays at inspection after the matches start.

I think this would fall under <R2b>:

All possible functional Robot configurations must be inspected before being used in

So, if you build such a robot, you should have it inspected in all the configurations you plan to use at the beginning of the day, and then you’re good (provided you pass in all configurations and don’t violate <R1>).


Generally accepted practice is to have your entire robot inspected in its various configurations. That is, get inspected in one configuration, then reconfigure it, then get re-inspected. Yes, this can all be done during the normal inspection period, regardless of when you plan to use the various configurations.

Do note, though, that certain components like your drive base should not be swapped, and your robot should be recognizable as a single robot, throughout all its configurations, by event staff/volunteers that may have no prior knowledge of your robot.


Yes, I know. Thank you all for your responses!

Yes. You go threw inspection with each system. If you have two systems that are similar (lifts, go threw with the bigger one attached.

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