Mogo claw issue

Our robot has a claw for lifting mobile goals, attached to a lift. It alternates between 2 positions, closed and opened. After a few minutes of use, the closed position goes ~40° higher than it is supposed to, resulting in mogos falling out of the claw. I can share my code and pictures of the robot if necessary. I direly need to fix this, since my team has states on 3/12.

Pictures would be nice, but initially my thoughts say that it seems that a motor may be overheating so it does not have enough force to go fully down from the starting position

Does it use pneumatics? In which case is sounds like you are loosing air pressure and the cylinders aren’t able to actuate all the way. Try checking for leaks and make sure your tubing runs are as short as possible. You can also add pressure regulators to limit how much air is used per actuation.

If the claw uses motors, it sound like a code issue or the motors are having trouble completing their full rotation maybe because of heat from increased stress.

Send pictures whenever you have a question like this it will greatly help folks solve your problem.

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