Mogo Claw Lift

Me and my team are trying to make a claw lift on our robot. When we tested it the claw wouldn’t lift the Mogo it would just stop right after it gets off the ground. What should we do to help it lift? Would 2 green motors lift it if we gear it correctly?

I would try for 2 red if possible since it will be stronger and also try adding rubberbands to help pull the lift up. Make sure you are using a torque gear ratio.


What gear ratio would you recommend? And would you happen to know how long does it usually take for the red cartridges to ship?

Can we please have a picture if possible. I would recommend a 1:7 ratio with red cartridges. We have this and it lifts up every goal, and even other robots.

A 1:7 ratio might work well even without the red cartridges.

The motor would have a 12 tooth gear to an 84 tooth gear. It will be slower, but much more powerful. Also make sure for the claw that it isn’t just the claw holding it, try to put a lip to catch under the edge of the MOGO.


Ya a 1:7 with rubberbands should work with 2 green motors, just make sure you have good build quality so you don’t have unnecessary friction.


We don’t have a picture because we scraped the idea before competition but we’re trying it again. can you please post a picture of yours if you have one

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I have a picture, but it will be a little blury. I can try for a better one later today.


you will need to zoom in a bit, but it is powered by a motor which goes into a 12 tooth gear, which is in contact with an 84 tooth gear that is connected to the four bar.

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Thank you for the picture. I’ll work on it later and I’ll update on how it works

No Problem, glad to help!

I would suggest adding rubber bands to assist the lift. If you add enough that the lift lifts itself with no goal then you can add a hold function to keep it down, you can also increase the gear ratio or hange cartridges

10 rubber bands on each side are good

My recommendation with rubber bands is, if possible, design the mechanism to run without rubber bands and work. Then you add rubber bands to make the movements smoother and take less effort.