Mogo Lift Load Maximization

So our team made this mogo lift with a 1 to 1 gear ratio and it’s having trouble lifting the goal. Any ways in the code/mechanical enhancements other than changing the gear ratio to solve this problem? I’m fine with rubber bands, just not with adding a gear train since we really don’t have room. I have already tried rubber bands already, but they seem to either prevent the lift from going down, or prevent it from lifting the goal. I think it might be the mounting point, it’s pretty low (stretched to a straight line when mogo lift is lowered) so maybe raising the aft mount point could help? Any thoughts?

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This is your problem
A motor is not strong enough to lift a mogo by itself
I’d recommend a stronger gear ratio (1-7 works well)

This is another problem
You could make a gearbox to maybe fix this, but I’d prioritize redesigning so you don’t fry your motor (1-1 + mogo = destroyed motor)


There is nothing mechanically you can do other than a gear ratio. nothing is going to solve your problem short of more torque. I agree that 1:7 is a good ratio


We quite literally have a competition this saturday, any like quick fixes? I’ll try and fix it properly later

There really aren’t any, 1:1 is just not strong enough. As others mentioned, gear ratio is the only real way to increase power (other than rubber bands but those can only do so much)


We could lift a MOGO with a red cartridge in the motor

We don’t have cartridges sadly…

Any small optmizations we can make in the code?

Can we see a picture of the robot?

There isn’t really a quick fix that just makes the lift work, you have to swap out the gear ratio.


no, if you slow the motor in code, you will lose torque


I’m not sure if I have a pic…

the mogo lift section is similar to what they have in this vid Harvard-Westlake Robotics: AMOGO x DOGO Reveal | VEX Tipping Point - YouTube

I mean you can always add more torque in code :slight_smile:

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I think we may have slowed the motor in the code… I’m not sure, what element of the code changes speed?
the velocity thingy or run speed

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There are 4 lifts in this video, please specify which one.

The one they have on the robot named AMOGO, the simple four bar they have on the back

Yeah you are going to need to use a gear ratio. 1:5 should be fine.


Any temporary fixes? I’m working with the school team, we have limited supplies and our competition is saturday

Like really simple fixes that will work fine for like 5 mins somewhat reliably

There is no magic solution to suddenly get enough force to lift a goal. Changing it to a gear ratio shouldn’t take long unless it is super cluttered around the motor.