Mogo lift pictures

Can someone please send a picture of a 1 motor mobile goal lift that works well?

The Fuzzy Wuzzy 2.0 and Knight Shift Dual Reveal (below), has some good shots of good mogo intakes.

At 1:30, you can see 1970K’s mobile goal lift, and get a pretty good idea of how they built it.
From 1:45 to 2:10, there are several good shots of 8675A’s mobile goal lift.
I believe that 1970K uses 1:5 ratio, while 8675A uses a 1:7.

The 3141S reveal also has several good shots of their mogo intake.

If that still doesn’t help, here’s a basic idea of how to build one.
There are two sections.
For section 1, simply make a 1:7 gear ratio with a c-channel or two on the 84-tooth gear. This section will go pretty far back (about halfway) into your robot, and needs to be well-secured and stable. The motor will power the 12-tooth gear.
Section 2 consists of a mogo tray with some c-channels on top of it which extend back. (These can also be substituted for standoffs.) This tray will be attached by two channels at the front of the chassis, on either side. Then, you attach the c-channel from the tray to the top of the channel from section 1. This makes a successful four-bar, as you can see in many videos.


Good luck!