Mogo Ratio

Is 7:1 with turbo and rubber band assist a good ratio for a 1 motor mobile goal? I previously used 5:1 torque and found it 2 slow with 1 motor.

I wouild think that even 1:7 HS would have a ton of issues, just stick with 1:7 torque like pretty much everyone else.

For 7:1 you should be on speed, definitely not turbo. And 5:1 torque isn’t that slow… you are only picking up a maximum of 3-4 mogos a match if your partner is completely useless.

Not necessarily… While 7:1 turbo seems sketch (with one motor), 7:1 high speed (1m) and 5:1 torque / high speed (2m) totally work. There are also teams running 3:1 that have been successful with two motors.

Thanks For the Responses guys

Even 3:5 worked on my first robot, but we changed to 1:5 because it was so fast it knocked cones off when outputting the mogo