Mogo tray help

Our mogo tray is using 3 hole channels, and when we pick up mogos it is really wobbly when it comes all the way back, and it falls out of the tray while its lifting backwards. Ive looked at 8675A’s mogo (from their reveals and other vids) to see if theyre doing anything special to their 3 hole mogo trays and i dont see anything and yet in their driver skills video they are able to move backwards and lift at the same time, and also in matches when they are carrying mogos with large stacks they dont wobble that much while ours wobbles a lot. Can anyone share some tricks that theyve used?

A picture or video of your mechanism could help us diagnose the issue

We put a single rubber band around the bottom part of the c-channel, just to make some friction so mogos don’t slide out. It works perfectly, we can drive backwards and lift and do all the normal stuff

Yeah we did this just now and it worked.