Momentary possession of 3+ balls

According to current rules, you can hold (for duration of match) 3 opponent balls and momentarily possess more than 3. Rules say 3+… does not give a hard number.

Team needs to know: if a bot is holding 3 (opponent balls), approaches a goal with 3 more, de-scores them via intake/etc (total 6), then immediately turns and ejects the 2nd set of 3, will they be within the rules? This would put them in possession of 3+ for about 5 seconds total.


This would be a great question for the Q&A when it opens up, or whenever the referees guide gets released. Unfortunately, I have not seen any explicit answer for this that is solid enough for ref rulings.

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Pretty sure if you possess more than 3 balls, all of your actions after taking the 4th ball must be attempts to get rid of the 4th ball. (forgot where I read it, but I do remember reading something like it)


We have asked the state rep. They don’t have and answer yet. Given the way design ideas are going… pretty sure we are going to need a definitive answer.

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Definitely, I hope that they will respond soon so we can incorporate that in to all of our designs

That was from either NBN or TP

Yup. This is if we are to follow previous season precedence.
Momentarily possession is normally to prevent teams from being DQ when the ball accidentally fall inside the robot.
eg. ITZ - when a cone accidentally dropped inside the robot, the robot will need to release the cone that it was already holding on to, else it will be DQed.

Similarly, I can imagine that if the team has “accidentally” took in a 4th opponents’ ball, then the next course of action should be to release it asap, and not try to intake the 5th ball.


The ONLY way to get a definitive answer is to get it posted and answered in the Official Q&A (found on Robot Events, not yet available). Any answer given to clarify a game manual rule that is provided any other way (including via your state rep) is merely a “best guess” and not a definitive answer that can be relied upon during competitions.


A Q&A question has been posted about this question, now that it is open.

Link to Q&A 601


It’s worth noting that a ball is considered scored while anywhere in the 3d space of the rings. It’s not till it completely exits that space till it’s descored and then capable of being possessed/controlled by ANY bot. This does not answer the question, but the ‘counter’ doesn’t start running till the ball is clear of the rings.

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The GDC has replied. Please click the link and CAREFULLY read the original question so there is no confusion.



Yea overall it is still risky play to do, so just be careful of that if you do preform this. :slight_smile:

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