Moments of Inertia for Field Elements and Game Objects

Does anyone know if vex releases the measurements for the moments of inertia for game objects and field elements to use in rotational calculations, along with the exact center of mass location relative to key points on game objects/field elements? I know it’s kind of overkill but having more precise measures of needed power expenditures is nice to be informed before building. If they don’t, should they release these measurements for next season or should it continue to fall on teams to perform tests to determine these measurements or try out different gear ratios and see what sticks?

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Edit: Should they also provide an equation for possible distances from axis of rotation for when the moment of interia changes to make the information more useful?

Imma say this is the kind of thing you measure and account for yourself.


A little late for this season. But thanks for signing up for the 2022-23 season to do these measurements and posting them here in the forum.


I agree with you in most cases, probably all cases, but I just have a feeling that in some cases you can’t calculate/measure that value with easily accessible equipment, and there may be a benefit to having that measurement to take an different approach to a task. This might just be a brain spoof of mine, but I thought some idea might come of it which is why I posted here. For example, rings are relatively light and to get a MOI for them would be more challenging with only robotics equipment since to get an MOI you have to have only the one object. We’ve seen examples of ring launchers this season, and in order to get something like that to successfully land on a branch you would need to be able to calculate rotational speed so that it lands in the right orientation. The mechanism to launch a ring would already need such fine tuning in order to utilize such a value and is a high-risk expenditure, so might that value be worth having? I’m not sure.

How about just keep trying different tensions until it works?

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