Montage Music

So this may seem like a weird question, but does anyone have any suggestions on really cool montage music that could be used in videos. On Team 66, I am in charge of photography and videography. With this being said I also take the time to create videos that can be viewed by other teams at competition as well as on youtube. I am open to any suggestions that you guys may have. :slight_smile:

I don’t have any specific songs, but try to use some that don’t have lyrics and that are not easily recognizable. So the Imperial March is out.

this may seem like an odd response but do a search for “cool and dramatic music” and that will probably work out for you. be careful of copyright infringement though, however this isn’t usually a problem as long as you aren’t trying to run adds on the video’s
as for specific songs, some good ones I think are ‘Mars; The bringer of war’ from “the Planets” symphony
and ‘requiem for a tower’
both can be used without worrying about copy right and the later one at least is a super dramatic and cool sounding song

I would just play music that you listen to and that fits the feel of the music. My mom still wants me to use this for something.

Very catchy…not for robotics.

Bro, I listen to this almost every morning :smiley:

Well, May the force be with you anyways.

Han shot first