Monthly VEX Challenge!

So i had an idea the other night… It was to have a monthly VEX competition were i (or somebody else) would post a game/challenge with rules and such. Then you, the competitors would post your pictures and videos. Each robot would be judged on things such as design, performance, etc… giving points from 1-10 or something. I don’t know, so if you would be interested in hosting this game or just participating post in this thread. I just had another idea… We could have guest judges of people like JVN, etc, etc…

i would definetly play in this. its would be fun. there should also be dif. skill levels too.

Yeah maybe, It depends how many people are interested in participating! But if school is real bust this year i may not have time to keep track of it…

Our local robotics community is planning a weekly vex league this fall. Each week a new element will be added to the game. That way we incrementally increase our knowledge and experience of robotics. In December we plan to have a big tournament utilizing all the lessons and enhancments learned thru the year.

each week short workshops will be held before the matches by mentors or seasoned competitors.

I am looking forward to the announcement of the game by the organizers.

the monthly challenge sounds great! I’ve been hopeing for something like it for a while so that I can get my brain working more on my vex robot :smiley:

Alrighty… So it looks like people like the idea so i’m gonna try and think of some ‘standard’ rools that apply to every challenge and then each chalenge will have additional rules aswell. So i probably won’t have one posted until next month because of school and other things happening right now. If you want to help organize this please PM me all help is appreciated. Thanks!

sofaboy I would be glad to help with the vex monthly challenge :smiley: