Monty arm/ spy bot

Soo what you guys think of my robot. Its not yet done but its not far from finish ether (yah my spelling that bag).just a few more hours and programing and Im done. The camera is removable and in its place you can put the arm. the camera then is acttach to thar front of the arm.

I like it. What is the purpose of the motor in the middle near the tread motors?

What is on the top part of your arm?

  1. the motoer thats points down is for the arm to turn.
  2. the servo on top of the arm is the grabber.

it look really cool dude:)

cool bot:cool:
I’m building an arm similar to yours.

Thanks the arm is running into alot of problems and i have to gear it down way more.

One f the prolms my team has ran into before with the armis gears strippng. This can be fixed running al the “power” through one gear. Double the gears up, it’ll still be thesame ratio but you sand a better chance of keeping ou teeth. If that’s your problem.

no offense but you put down bots and say they dont have a purpose and yet you build this bot that just has an arm and a camera. plus i dont think you should be mean and then expect us to admire your robot just because you said “sry”

I dont expect anything from you guys.
I just5 posted it and want to see what people think of it…
It does have a purpose. pick up stuf recon.