More clarification on skills scores

So this answer

Means it has directly changed from previous years? Reading the qualification criteria it seemed to imply that it was the same as previous years in that.
30 teams from robot skills qualified
30 teams from programming skills qualified.

Robot Events also seems to indicate my above reading of the rules.

[ (showing 30 teams highlighted in robot skills and 30 in programming skills.)

I understand if a team is ranked first in both the spot counts as having come from programming skills but the question refers to how many total spots will be allocated to teams from each skills challenge.

Can this question be answered for VEXU as well. Is it 4 spots total from skills or 4 spots per skills challenge?

edit: can a mod please fix my spelling of “more”]( (showing 30 teams highlighted in robot skills and 30 in programming skills.))

Just bumping this thread as a few other world championship QAs have been answered in the past month.

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Because I have gotten no response even saying “we are deciding on the answer to your question” I have to assume no one has read my thread.

I am really not trying to be annoying but teams are still confused.

Thanks for the question. Apologies for the delayed reply, as we thought that this question had been answered elsewhere on the forum. The top 30 programming skills for VRC and the top 30 robot skills from VRC will be invited to attend the 2015 VEX Robotics World Championship. For VEX U, the wording in our qualification criteria states: “A minimum of 4 spots will be held for teams to qualify through skills.” This indicates that the top 2 programming skills and top 2 robot skills teams will be invited to the VEX U World Championship. I hope that this clears up any confusion. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to clarify.


One additional point of clarification on the 4 VEX U skills qualification spots. These will go to the top “non-qualified” teams (programming skill 1st, robot skills 2nd and continue alternating) meaning that these teams will be additive to the existing qualifiers.