more comps

i would like FVC to have more than one comp a year.
i just dont like haw our “season” ends in december.

how did your season end so early although i have never participated in first i found the locations for this years locations

i live in VA so we only have the one on dec. 9th
thats all we’re doing…

You are not limited to only registering for one FVC Event. :wink:

You can always organize a local off-season competition (or “Local or League Tournament” as FIRST officially calls them) with other teams in your area. If you gather a dozen or so teams, a Vex field, and a high school cafeteria/gym/auditorium, you’re well on the way to hosting a “just for fun” off-season competition.

thats a good idea…
the only problem is that thers not many other VEX teams in my area…
but ill se what i can do/

I live in texas and there is one 7 hours from now
Abilene isn’t even on the event list!!!