[More] GES Questions

My team had a few questions about the GES shipping option:

  1. When is the deadline to submit orders? (And, is it a submission deadline or do they have to receive the order by that time?)
  2. Can we submit the order form online if there isn’t time to submit it before the deadline?
  3. Does GES ship the package as well, or do we have to use another carrier? (i.e. UPS or FedEx)
  4. After the tournament, does GES pick the boxes up from our pit, or do we have to take it somewhere else?
  5. We’d also like to ship our pit supplies. This is in a box that weighs just under 50lbs, and our robot box will weigh ~30lbs. Regarding small packages, the form says:

Does this mean we are no longer shipping “small packages”?

(note: I have been looking at this document: http://content.robotevents.com/docs/VRWC/2012/VRWC_Pit_Service_Kit_021712.pdf. In another thread ([https://vexforum.com/t/ges-robot-shipping-forms/20841/1), an updated form was mentioned. Is the form I’ve been reading out of date?)

Thank you!
//Andrew](https://vexforum.com/t/ges-robot-shipping-forms/20841/1), an updated form was mentioned. Is the form I’ve been reading out of date?))


  1. Please refer to pages 3 & 4. These pages outline the dates for shipments. Tuesday, March 27th is the discount deadline. Also, please make sure that you note that there different ship addresses based on when you ship. If you need further assistance, GES can be contacted at 800-475-2098.

  2. No, the order form cannot be submitted online.

  3. GES can ship the package. Page 9 talks about their full service.

  4. After the tournament, your team will take your boxes to GES so that they are secured.

  5. Small packages are still being accepted. Please contact GES if you need additional information about the handling of the smaller packages.

http://content.robotevents.com/docs/VRWC/2012/VRWC_Pit_Service_Kit_021712.pdf is the correct form.