More judging questions for World CMP

(1) Are Teacher of the Year, Mentor of the Year and Community Awards given out in both MS and HS divisions?

(2) The pre-submitted award entries all include “subsequent team interviews”. Design and Excellence have specially scheduled interview times on Thursday. Do the interviews for the other 6 awards take place in the pits?

(3) Will ballots with teams voting be used for any of the awards this year?

Thank you.

I hope that these responses answer your questions!

  1. Teacher of the Year and Mentor of the Year Awards are given out as “overall” awards. All candidates will be reviewed as individuals being considered for a single award.
  2. The Community Award is being given in each High School and Middle School division and must be presubmitted at no later than April 1st.
  3. All presubmitted awards interviews will take place in the pits on Thursday and Friday of the event. Only finalists for each award will be interviewed for these specific awards.
  4. Teams will be presented will ballots at team check-in that will be due on Friday afternoon at the event.

Many Thanks,