More Power

So recently on the discord some of us were joking about how the 2 wire circuits on the cortex were pretty bad, and you were better off just using a Y splitter on one of the 3 wire ports. I just wanted to question really how true this was. Here are 3 scenarios that all run 2 motors, in which scenario would have the motors output the most power, or would they be indecipherable?

Scenario 1:
sen1 (1).png
Scenario 2:
sen2 (1).png
Scenario 3:

Thanks and I hope this thread garners useful knowledge. Please tell me if there was a similar thread before so I can delete this, though I couldn’t find it.

The reason why you should avoid 1&10 is because they have a small chance of breaking (requiring you to swap cortexes or add Y cable), in higher level competition you need to eliminate as many weak links as possible.

Under normal circumstances all scenarios are the same, things like motor age, lubrication, bearing alignment, etc matter more than any possible difference in current from the internal controllers and MC29s.

… and a reason why you would use ports 1 and 10 is that closed loop control (ie. PID etc.) works much better as the update rate (ie. how often you can send a new value to the motor) is much faster. See this old thread.