More Powerful Motors And Servos!!!

VEX needs these BADLY!

Hey people, please vote yes for this poll. I think most people will agree that this would be a very good thing to have.

I see that someone has said no (:confused: ) to my poll. I am just woindering why? The VEX motors and servos are extremely weak. These would be a great advantage and all ow the VEX to do so much more.

The Vex motors need to be made stronger. The only reason that I wouldn’t want this is IF the power draw was too high and made the battery life very short. The larger the motor the more power draw and that takes more battery. But if this can be taken care of, I think Vex needs better motors.

Not all motors would need to be larger. And to take care of the power draw batteries could be wired in parallel quite easily to double the battery life. Also, bigger motors would allow for bigger robots with more room for bigger batteries. The current motors are fine for small robots but they just can’t power large ones at a reasonable speed. I have some of the largest Vexlabs chassis parts and it takes 4WD just to make it move at a reasonable speed.

vex really needs these, my shooter bot has a 1:25 gear ratio using one of the little motors to spin a shooter wheel, and this is barely enough. I’m not saying something like running a cim from the frc kit on it, but something halfway decent is a necessity

VEX terribly needs stronger or at least faster motors. At the FIRST championship this spring i saw that in the VEX demo area a couple of the robots used different motors wired into a VICTOR and connected to the VEX controller. Also it had to use an alternative power source to power the VICTOR. I would love to see vex make stronger motors, which would mean faster, stronger, and larger robots.

I agree!!! We need JUMBO Servo motors similar to those available to RC Airplanes, in addition we need some high speed coreless motors with the Vex form factor.

in think a variety of motors would be good, similar to that found in the FIRST kit, ones with differnt built in gear boxes. because the motors it comes with are great for driving geared 1:1 but in order to make a decent arm alot of gearing is nescesary.
I also think a continuous drive servo would be good so you wouldn’t have to instal a shaft incoder.the new lego NXT has continous drive servos that act on a 360* acuracy.

There are some who hesitate from putting a high-powered motor into the “official” Vex product line for liability reasons. There are concerns about “finger-guillotines” causing lawsuits.

Barring that, there are several 3rd party options for connecting higher-powered motors to the Vex Microcontroller. The Vex PWM output is hobby-standard, and will work with almost any motor/speed-controller combo.


!Warning:here is the thing…these are hobby options not competition…

how about taking a speed controller for a plane then putting the small battery from the power pack and that will power the speed controller which powers the motor and so on…;);):wink:

ya it would be cool yo have stronger moters but they would be very expencive like the hitec servo cost like 60 dollers:eek:

Warning:here is the thing…these are hobby options not competition…

how about taking a speed controller for a plane then putting the small battery from the power pack and that will power the speed controller which powers the motor and so on…;);):wink:

actually the airplane servos are less strong than the vex ones
!!!I think the best is just to gear the servo or gear the motor to go slow
yet strong

I found something new!
I was looking for a small vacuum in my house and I found one
it was a cordless vacuum cleaner ,but the battery was dead.
so I took the whole thing apart and found this huge motor
it’s dimensions is about 2x3x3 inches and I remember from my non-vex roborics that you can take a limit switch (heavy duty from the hardware store) and connect it to the motor. you take this and connect it up with a seperate battery from the powerpack or the beginner pack.
you take a servo to push the limit switch and it will power the big motor and the type of my motor I got was a high speed motor (the tupe that can lift model planes) and I can cut the lawn or make a heli robot all using a servo.
[LEFT]this is a drawing of it… >>>>Drawing<<<<
(note: high speed motors can rip your fingers off;))

So what would you do with stronger motors? Snap the vex chain more easily? Round out all your clutch posts in an afternoon? Break all the teeth off your gear kits? Contrary to popular belief, the “Tim ‘The tool man’ Taylor” approach to robotics is not the most effective.

The current motors are more than sufficient for any reasonable VEX applications and are well matched to the current line of accessories.

Consider it part of the design challenge. Rather than just saying “The motors aren’t strong enough.”, find a way to work around this problem. Try linking multiple motors together to accomplish your task. Use the resources you have in a creative way to accomplish your task… that’s engineering.

yet true

speaking of “finger-guillotines” this robot I made (using original vex motors) that cut my finger. it was made to shoot balls 5’ but when i finished it it shot them over 15’. it has a spinning arm that is geared 1:3 for speed so the arm spun at about 300rpm. and my poor little finger acidetanlly got in the way of it :(. so people be careful, vex isn’t a toy.

do you have any more pics of that bot it looks kool :smiley: :smiley:

and how bad was the cut was it like bleeding badly or just a small one:rolleyes: o well thats gotta be awsome to have a bot to shoot a ball 15":eek: so if you have any pics please show them because i would like to learn how to build some sort of bot that can shoot that far:D

better than that i have a video, i’ll post it soon