More powerful motors please!

Alright i am not dissing the motors or anything but i really want to build a robot that goes a good 15-30mph with decent torque but if i gear the motors up to go that speed i will have almost no torque at all.

I know that many people have posted things like this but i really want some more powerful motors for sale. I don’t mind paying $50 for a high end motor like they use in rc hobby cars. But it gets to a point where you would need separate power supply’s for the motor.

If anyone knows of a motor with a square shaft and some mount holes that would fit vex please tell me.

And this is a really sick sick idea but how cool do you think it would be if vex robots had an internal nitro combustion engine lol!

They are cheap for really tiny ones.

I would pay $200 for 1 small internal nitro engine, fuel tank and all of the other stuff that you need to control it.

I don’t know if that is a reasonable price but hey if you can build it give my specs and a price.

So bottom line is

More powerful motors, racing rc car grade

And if you feel up to the challenge

A mini nitro combustion engine.

Just buy a speed controller and a motor that suits your needs.


Yes i would do that but i have no idea where to find a motor that is vex mountable, do you have any ideas?

That is a much harder question. I’m not aware of any off-the-shelf Vex mountable motors. You either need to drill holes in the Vex metal or make an adapter.

I’ve managed to make some Vex-compatible mounting plates for some motors I got from Jameco. I also picked up some spider couplers that allow me to adapt the 6mm motor shaft to a 1/8th shaft (the square Vex shaft isn’t a perfect fit, but it works).

I’ll post some pics next time I get a chance.

Just poking around on the Lynxmotion and RobotShop sites, I found the these motor mounts that can be mounted to Vex chassis parts without modification. The array of nine holes is in 0.5" centers on one axis and 0.75" on the other. That means that 3 or 6 of the holes will line up with Vex holes, depending on how you have it aligned. Note that you’ll have to use #6 screws or enlarge the holes in the mount - the standard #8 Vex screws won’t fit.

Also, I can recommend the Sabertooth 2X5 R/C Motor controller. If you insert wires into the female Servo connectors to make them like male Vex connectors, you can plug this right into the Vex micro controller and it will run two DC motors. You will need to hook a 2nd battery directly to Sabertooth, or make a Y-adapter so one battery can power both the Vex controller and the Sabertooth (I’ve done this and it works fine). It even has some settings for mix mode (arcade-style driving), and a flip input if you want your bot to be drivable when inverted!


  • Dean