More Questions??:D

I now have a few more questions?
How do you trim the 5th and 6th channel?
For those with the vex battery pack, how long do the batteries last?, in the Transmitter?, in the Robot?
For those using the AA batteries, how long do the batteries last?, in the Transmitter?, in the Robot?:confused:
Also, can you individually control 8 motors?
Or just six, with four combined?

u cant use akaline batteries on the robot

Yes you can using the cell holder that comes in the starter kit. You cant trim the 5th and 6th channels and you need a programming kit to use them.

Read your inventers guide it says that alkaline batteries dont have enough power atleast for long term use

So battery power is battery power so if it gets the robot going its good.

If the batteries weren’t strong enough then vex wouldn’t sell you a AA holder right?

With the VEX battery pack you will have power for constant use for about 30 min. BUT after the first 5-15min depending on use the bartery charge will start to diminish to the point that if you programmed autonomous useing dead reckoning you will start to get some errors,i.e. the robot not going as far as you would like.

there are rechareable AA batts’ Don’t get me wrong I use alks’ when my rechargeable is dead.

Our FVC robot uses 10 motors. Six of them are used essentially the entire 2:20 of the match, and the other four are used intermittently under maximum power. I’m not sure how long it would take for the battery to go completely dead, but after two rounds of practicing we need to replace the battery so that we can run all of the motors at full speed. So I’d say we get around 5ish minutes per battery at full power.

In the inventors guide it allows you to use Rechargeable Batteries. Not Alkaline Batteries! :smiley:

So alkalines work:eek: , Do they work well,:confused: does any parts show signs of stress:confused: ??
:smiley: :smiley:

rechargeables nicds provide more power faster than alkalines. read section 4 (power) in your inventors guide. They explain the difference in detail. ;~)

the difference is your using much more power than any vex kit ever will because you are moving in upwards of at least 100 pounds right?

My vex power pack for robot last 45-60 mins. and its run power is 2000mah
My energizer rechargables last 45-75 mins. because it has 2500mah

The vex transmitter battery has good volts. but only 1000mah so i think the robot battery is good but tranmitter battery sucks.

Alkaline batteries dont work
i tried it once with fresh ones and it dont work

Why does the transmitter battery suck? It lasts a long time in the transmitter and if you put it in the robot the robot is faster. Looks like your wrong.

Yeah, I have to agree with Tmaxxguy on this one, try it for yourself with the transmitter battery. But it won’t last as long as the battery for the robot.

A couple months ago, my local Radio Shack was selling a couple 9.6v 1600mAh RC batteries for 50% off, they fit in the Vex Transmitter just fine… I just don’t know if the Vex Charger, charges them to their full capicity.

Radio Shack #23-331

My transmitter NiMH AAs last 2-3+hours and the robot lasts 1-2+ hours…:smiley:

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You may believe that the number of motors is the main source of draining power, but it turns out acceleration and jamming of motors drains much more. It is very hard to give a good number about how long batteries last, because a motorized arm lifting a large weight drains the battery a lot faster than the starter kit square-bot.