More than three displays possible with OBS plugin?

I’m setting up OBS studio with this plugin, but I can’t get more than three displays to start. I can manually start more displays and use the chroma filters in OBS studio, but that’s awkward and kinda lame.

Am I missing something?

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@Mike_Soukup is who I believe is one of the creators of the plugin. Vex did not create the plugin and therefore you’d have to contact him directly or wait for him to respond.

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I just tested it and got 5 displays going without issue. What kind of behavior are you seeing when you try to create additional displays?

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Just a black screen. It never spawns the display.exe.

Hi, developer of the plugin here. There’s nothing in the plugin that should prevent you from running more than 3 copies. One possible problem might be that some part of your display configuration in OBS might be invalid causing the TM display process to exit. Try double-checking the settings for each instance.


No amount fiddling with the config has ever allowed more than the three displays to pop up.

In the course of troubleshooting, I started with a fresh install of OBS & the plugin, and OBS won’t ever recognize the plugin, no matter where it’s located in the OBS installation. How would I troubleshoot that?

Make sure you are downloading the correct thing for the plugin. I have made the mistake before of downloading the source code instead of the actual files you need to run the plugin. Here is the link for the download page:
You want the Binary Download at the bottom of the page.
Also, the readme file says to put the contents of the zip folder in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\obs-studio

But I believe it should just be:

C:\Program Files\obs-studio


I was just coming post this exact thing. Not being that familiar with how OBS deals with plugins I just assumed it built the DLL from the source on the fly, which seems silly in retrospect. Once I had the correct files it popped right up. Once I had the updated version, it will happily create as many displays as I want. Well, as many as I have tried so far anyway. The old setup definitely had an out of date version of the plugin from who knows when. The setup existed long before I took it over.

Thanks to all that helped me get on the right path.

Is there gonna be a chance for a MacOS version of this plugin? OBS works better on my mac then any windows computer we have at our school.